Basic & Advanced Training in Our Courses

Our basic course helps to equip you with the basic knowledge that you’ll need to learn the ropes as a trader. Again, things like opening a trading account, the differences between trading stocks and options, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and a lot more.This is a basic stock course that’s meant to help you get started, however, we have advanced courses available as well.

Stock Trading Course: Trading Is Hard

Remember, trading is hard. Consequently, you need to be in control of every decision that you make as a trader. If you rely upon someone else to make your trading decisions for you then you’re going to end up failing as a trader. We don’t want that.

Control Your Emotions

Don’t get us wrong…it’s incredibly important to learn both technical and fundamental analysis when stock trading. However, it’s most important to make sure that your head is on straight first before getting started.

If you are terrified of losing money and your emotions get the best of you at times then it’s important to realize that chasing “magic trading indicators” will not solve your trading woes. If you’re looking to become a successful trader then you need to have a healthy mix of the proper mindset as well as trading knowledge. As a result, you need both if you want to become a profitable trader long term. Don’t sweat it, you’ll get there.

Trade Rooms

We have a community trade room that we provide to our members. It’s pretty high-tech. In effect, our trading chat rooms are where the action really takes place each day. Our team live streams the markets every afternoon for an hour and does real-time mentoring, charting and training for our trade room members. We love trading though!

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