We are truly doing this for non-profit to help as many people as we can and make them wealthy by providing education.
We have most of our members in the group stock traders. We buy 3rd party services and share information with the pool money so everyone can benefit from being part of elite group. Yes, even you do not do option - still you can benefit from this group. These are the people invested their money in the market, someone can answer questions related to a stock you may have. Everyone support each other
Cost varies based on the group need and requirement. Typically you are looking at $5/wk to $20/mo or $200/yr to enjoy thousands $$ of paid services and coaching guidance from this nonprofit community services.
Yes, we can offer a week free trial without any obligation. Join this Telegram group and mention in the group - I want my free trial. Our team will start your onboard process.
Urban food alliance founders passionate about teaching and they have a lot of financial background. They decided to give back to the community and make regular people wealthy. If they become wealthy, UFA advises them donate generously to this charity. This is win-win for everyone.
When is the right time to be a full time investor?
Yes, certainly. By following a disciplined, systematic patient way of trading you can be successful and growing your wealth on a much faster rate than real estate or methods. Speculative trading apart (day trading/options etc) disciplined trading involves many strategies like buying high value low priced stocks, cutting profit on certain intervals, buying at lower price, dollar cost averaging, sellling puts to acquire stocks at a discounted price, selling covered calls to make consistent income on stocks you own etc. US Stock market is the biggest money making arena in the entire planet. There's nothing bigger than that!
Some are published on SEC site (insider trades). But those are less useful because the price action gets reflected on the stock. Insider/Leakder information trades/ Anticipated moves by institutions are reflected on block trades/option sweeps (call sweep/put sweep) etc. This information is not free/cheap and exchanges sell it for a high price to vendors who in turn sell for $100 to $150 a month per subscriber. These subscribers cannot redistribute for free but can do behind a paywall (say collect $1 and give it to their members). The block/sweep trades are the most successful strategies day/swing traders follow. Our paid programme ($100 a year) covers all these.
TD ameritrade and InteractiveBrokers provider paper money account

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